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Single Hop Series – El Dorado


El Dorado Single Hop IPA

El Dorado is a dual-purpose American hop varietal. El Dorado is a high alpha acid hop, which provides plenty of bitterness while its flavor and aroma profile consists of tropical fruit characteristics. Pear, watermelon candy, and stone fruit have also been noted. HBC Lead Brewer Greg Filippi has this to say about El Dorado.

We Hermits have been trying to get our hands on El Dorado Hops since they were released several years ago, which until now have been in short supply. Last summer during harvest, I was lucky enough to visit the farm in Yakima where the El Dorado strain is cultivated. El Dorado gets its name from the fabled City of Gold, because the flowers contain so many essential oils and resins that handling them for even a short time quickly turns your hands a pale yellow color. The hops have a strong tropical fruit aroma like pineapple and mango, with a noticeable underpinning of resinous pine.

El Dorado is now available. Visit our Where to Buy page to where you can get your hands on this liquid gold.

7% ABV / 55 IBUs

Available in:

  • 22 oz bottles
  • 5.2 gallon kegs
  • 15.5 gallon kegs